Candle Making Accessories

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Measuring Cup 60ml $0.55


Measuring Cup 60ml

These great little measuring cups hold 60ml. At this price they are cheap enough to buy 1 for each fragrance!!
Melting pot $13.50


Melting pot

      Aluminium pouring pot. It has a pouring spout and heat resistant handle. holds approx 1.8kg of wax. 14cm diameter x 20cm high....
Pouring Jug 1 litre $4.00


Pouring Jug 1 litre

Graduated pouring jug with extra long spout holds 1 litre. Makes pouring melted wax easy.
Thermometer $4.50



    Measures in Faranheit and celcius. Scale starts at 40 deg C / 100 deg F Has a handy clip to hold it to the side of your container. Does...
Warning/Burning Labels 100pk $5.75


Warning/Burning Labels 100pk

    Glossy 32 mm diameter candle warning stickers. Ideal to attach to the bottom of your candle as a g eneral warning and burning...
Water Slide Decal Paper Clear packet of 5 - free postage $15.00

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Water Slide Decal Paper Clear packet of 5 - free postage

Comes in a packet of 5 sheets A4 size. Free Postage. Clear SheetsFor use with inkjet and laser printers. Please choose your printer type from the...

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Extinguish your candle by pushing the wick into the pool of wax with these decorative dippers.  This method stops the wick from smoldering and...
Wick Holders $1.85


Wick Holders

You will love these handy little gatdgets, they will hold your wick firmly in place every time. So simple to use you will wonder how you live without...
Wick Stickers $3.20


Wick Stickers

    Packet of 112 Size 12mm Double sided dot for holding your wick in place in your container.
Wick Tabs $4.15

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Wick Tabs

    Size 20mm base Suitable for wick sizes cdn 10 - 16. Use your wick off cuts to make new pretabbed wicks using these tabs. Just slide...