Melt & pour soap Instructions


Melt and pour is glycerine soap base that is easy to melt, colour and mould into shape.  It is a great way to start soaping because it is so easy to use.

There are many types of melt and pour base:

Transparent (clear)

Opaque (white)

Olive oil (5-10% olive oil)

Goats Milk (mild for sensitive skin) 

TIP 1.  You can add lots of goodies from the kitchen cupboard.  Honey, oats, cornmeal, polenta, butter milk powder, coconut milk powder, coffee, poppy seeds, ground pumice, mica glitter, oils, butters, aloe Vera, dried herbs, dried flowers, dried orange peel to name a few.

TIP 2.  You can also put things inside melt and pour like silk flowers, toys  (no sharp edges), other pieces of soap, laminated photos or cards, slices of loofah etc


Simply cut melt and pour into small pieces, you can either use the microwave oven on 40% or a double boiler on the stove top, but make sure the stove is on very very low.  Melt until there is about two pieces left unmelted in the bowl, remove from the heat and stir to melt these last few pieces.  Now add the colour, fragrance and any additives that you want and pour it into the mould.

TIP 3.  Once the base has melted it is time to add your colour, add this a little at a time until you reach the desired colour, stir gently after each addition.  If you stir too much you will get bubbles in your soap, if this happens spritz with some isopropyl alcohol or surgical spirit and the bubbles will instantly disappear or you can wait until a skin forms and scrape them off.


You can use lots of things for moulds traditional moulds, bottom of round chip containers, yogurt containers, just about anything that is flexible (not metal) and that can stand the heat of the hot soap without collapsing.


Ensure your soap is cold.  Don’t try and unmould it before it is completely set otherwise you will have problems.  The best way to remove it is with a thin spatula, run the spatula around the inside of the mould to break the seal tip upside down and gently press on the top of the mould, it should fall out if it doesn’t put it in the freezer for a few minutes and try again this usually works.


Make sure you always use cosmetic grade fragrances not oil burner ones or similar (these can create a severe allergic reaction). 

Usually 8-15mls of fragrant oil per kilo is good but it is was to use your own personal opinion on what your nose likes, don’t be afraid to mix fragrances. 1ml= 20 drops. 

TIP 4.  Wrapping your soap in glad wrap or cellophane bags when it has cooled helps it to retain its smell longer

TIP 5.  You can add 1tblspn “not more” per kilo of butters and oils.  Try jojoba, shea butter, mango butter, almond oil.  Add in moderation a good guide is 2% of any oil as an additive.

TIP 6.  If your soap goes hard before you can pour it in the mould simply remelt it you can remelt it a few times with  no problem.

TIP 7.  Don’t add herbs or flowers etc that are not completely dry as they will go mouldy and discolour.  Try adding silk flowers or petal, don’t put lavender to soap but you can sprinkle it on the top, calendula petals can be added to the soap and hibiscus flowers are lovely for decorating your soaps.

TIP 8.  Be careful not to heat your soap above 50 – 60 c  if you overheat it  this will cause it to sweat  and have a high degree of water loss.

TIP 9.  Store melt and pour base in an airtight bag or container between uses.

TIP 10.  Remember melted soap is hot and can burn so be careful if letting children use it never leave them unattended.

TIP 11.  Pour water into your mould to see how much base you will need, if it is 100ml it is bout 100g.

TIP 12.  Make sure your moulds are clean and dry before adding soap.


80g of melt and pour base (depending on mould)

20 drops fragrance

few drops of colour

Melt soap on low  in shorts burst (30 seconds). Remove from heat before the last few pieces melt, gently stir in the colour and fragrance until well mixed, pour into mould, leave to set.

Ready to use now or wrap in gladwrap and use later

If you cant wait for it to set you can put it in the fridge to make it set faster.


200g melt and pour base

1 tspn of powdered milk(coconut or buttermilk)

40 drops of café latte fragrance

few drops brown colour

Melt soap and carefully add powdered milk and fragrance and colour. Now follow usual steps for moulding and unmoulding.


200g melt and pour base

2 tspns of shredded loofah

40 drops of fragrance

few drops of colour 

Melt base and add the loofah fragrance and colour stir gently to avoid bubbles, try to let the soap thicken a bit before pouring so that the loofah stays suspended in the soap, if you pour it while it is too hot it will fall to the bottom of the mould, this will not make any difference to the soap but it does look better if it is suspended. Unmould and wrap or use as usual.

These are just a couple of recipes soap making is only limited by your imagination. There are heaps of free recipes and advice on soap making on the internet, I Have also got quite a few books from my local library on melt and pour soap making. If you need any more help email me and I will be more than happy to help you in any way I can and if I don’t know the answer I will find out for you

Happy soaping

(you will get addicted, I did)