Bath bomb recipe


Basic Bath Bomb Recipe


350g citric acid or 1½ cups
750g bicarbonate soda or 3 cups
50ml witch hazel
10ml fragrance and 10ml colour
Botanicals *optional*

 Firstly mix the dry ingredients together with a glove on. Adding botanicals eg. dried rose petals or lavender, is optional but does add a nice touch. Make sure you mix the dry ingredients together well or you will get grainy bombs. When completely combined put about a cup of this mixture into a separate bowl and add your colour and fragrance I would only add about 2-3 drops of colour even though it looks like its not enough when you add the other wet ingredients it does get darker. I add 1% fragrance which if you are making up all the ingredients in the kit, then add the whole bottle of fragrance (a few drops at a time while constantly mixing). Now blend this in well to the dry ingredients using your finger tips (like you are making crumble). Now tip this back into the remaining dry ingredients and blend them both together. Use the spray bottle to spray this mixture with witch hazel, only a bit at a time do not over wet or it will start to fizz (react), you only need to add witch hazel until when held in your hand and squeezed, the mix will hold its shape.

When you have the right mix, pack each ½ of the mould to about 2/3 full press this in so it is firm, now overfill each ½ with more mixture and then press the two halves together. Keep a bit of pressure on the mould with your hands for half a minute or so. Do not twist them. Leave for about 5 minutes before you take them out of there moulds.

Tap mould gently with the back of a spoon to help release bath bomb from the mould. Carefully separate the two halves of the mould and place your bath bomb on some bubble wrap to dry.  Leave them to set, they should go hard like a rock.

It is a bit of trial and error, if it mucks up simply put the mixture back into the bowl  and then try moulding again. I tried quite a few times but when you get it, it is really simple.

Now this is where you get the benefits of my muck ups .Lol. If they break open or crack to much when you turn them out put them back in the bowl and spray with witch hazel a bit more. If they start to puff up, you have added too much, pour them back into the bowl and add a little more dry mix.

They definitely don’t like moisture in the air so keep them away from evaporative air conditioning or damp weather. Hope you have fun with this, they make great Prezzies. 

Super moisturizing bath bombs.

To your basic bath bomb mix add 1 tspn of melted cocoa butter, Shea butter or olive oil. Add this to the mix when you add your fragrance oil, cocoa butter is easily melted in your microwave but don’t leave it while its melting because it doesn’t take long. These products are available from our website or shop.


You will find lots of different ideas around for making different versions of these bath bombs. There is lots of sites on the internet that I regularly visit and they have great ideas. Just Google bath bombs or bath fizzies and you will find lots of recipes. If you need my help with anything please send me an email, I am usually not far away and will get back to you quite quickly.