Wooden Roses Red

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These are just beautiful, they are wooden roses made to look like the real thing. Are you sick of giving or getting flowers that wilt after the first couple of days? Well with these they will never wilt. They are made to be used as an air freshener so you can spray them with our reed diffuser fragranced base to make them smell gorgeous. Be careful not to saturate the roses because they will fall apart if too much oil is added at once. Also be aware that some fragrance oils can cause discolouration so always test on one before doing a whole bunch. Do not dip or submerse flowers into the oil. When they lose there fragrance just respray them, they will last and last. You can make them into a beautiful flower arrangement by adding some dried baby breathe or misty, wrapping them in cellophane and adding a beautiful satin bow. Do them in colours to match a wedding theme or maybe a new baby. A lovely drawer freshener. They will make a perfect gift for someone special. You can also remove the stem and add one of our reed sticks, then use them just like a reed stick in your diffuser. Please note* The stems on the roses are not designed to be put into oil so you must remove and replace with diffuser sticks.Beautiful to put around your home or sell at your market stall. Sell a dozen roses with a ready made spray bottle filled with fragranced diffuser oil

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